•Flow: up to 16 m ³/h at 2850 rpm.

•Manometric head: up to 92 m at 2850 rpm.

•Delivery outlet: 1 ¼” e 1 ½”.

Tested according standart ISO 9906.

•Diameter: 131 mm.

•Easy to install. Supply with electric cable and capacitor

•Motor filled with environmental water

•Silent sewing-machine

•Anticorrosive materials

•Vertical or horizontal installation

•Refrigeration by pumped liquid

•Radial impellers. Impellers and diffusers made in glass fiber reinforced noryl

•Suction stainer easy to clean

•Electric motor hermetically sealed and protected against overcharges

•Radial and axial bearings in graphite with water lubrification

•Removable electric cable with 15 meters

•Available with float switch


•Pump clean water from 6″ holes, reservoirs and water-courses

•Domestic water supply, irrigation, spraying, watering, pressurization systems, …


•Degree of protection: IP 68

•Insulations : B Class

•Water temperature: up to 35ºC

•Starts per hour: máx. 20

•Voltage variation allowed: +6% / -10% UN

•Protection: thermic relay standart VDE:< 10 seg. a 5 x IN

•Single-phase 220/230 V 50 Hz  • Power: 0,55 – 1,5 kW

•Three-phase 380/415 V 50 Hz • Power: 0,55 – 2,2 kW

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